Public Health England: Falls and fracture consensus statement Supporting commissioning for prevention

6 February 2017
Source: Public Health England

Produced by Public Health England with the National Falls Prevention Coordination Group member organisations. January 2017.

The National Falls Prevention Coordination Group (NFPCG) is made up of organisations involved in the prevention of falls, care for falls-related injuries and the promotion of healthy ageing. It was formed with the aim of coordinating and supporting falls prevention activity in England.

At the first NFPCG meeting in July 2016, it was agreed that the range of different professions and providers carrying out falls and fracture prevention activities, and the different ways of resourcing these, created the need for a consensus on ways to support and encourage ‘whole-system’ local commissioning. This document outlines interventions and approaches that the group recommends commissioners and strategic leads in local areas consider, and details the activities that NFPCG members have committed to take in order to support effective commissioning and provision.

The intended audience for this document is those local commissioning and strategic leads in England with a remit for falls, bone health and healthy ageing. Following publication, the NFPCG intend to initiate a programme of work to support local commissioning activity which will be underpinned by the commitments outlined in this document.

The full document is available Here

This document also refers to the NICE: Falls in older people: assessing risk and prevention | Guidance and guidelines | NICE [Internet]. 2013 [cited 2016 Nov 25]. Available from:

It is gratifying to see that vision is mentioned in both documents as is the importance of assessing vision in patients and service users at risk of falls.

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