Public Health England: Health Profile for England: the health of England today and into the future

27 September 2018
Source: Public Health England

We have now published the first update to our Health Profile for England, a report which Public Health England Logogives the most comprehensive picture of the health of the population.

When we published last year’s report, it was the first time we had presented our population health data in a way that told a story. Now, just over a year on, we have updated the data and developed this to include a chapter looking at child health, as well as future trends, forecasting what the story might look like in years to come.

In this blog we look at these forecasts, as well as what we have learned about how morbidity is shifting and how the wider determinants of health are having a big impact.

Although our lives are getting longer, stubborn health inequalities persist across the country and it remains the case that people in the richest areas enjoy 19 more years in good health than those in the poorest.

Having an ageing population means that the number of people with long-term health conditions, many of the most common of which are preventable, has increased. They play a major role in inequalities and on the burden felt by the NHS, accounting for 70% of total health and social care spending in England.

For example cases of type 2 diabetes, which costs the NHS a staggering £8.8 billion to treat each year, are projected to rise by a further one million people by 2035. This means that there will be almost 5 million individuals in England with this largely preventable disease, which can also cause sight loss, kidney disease, amputations, heart disease and stroke.

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