Quality Standards for Services for Patients with Learning Disabilities

16 December 2015
Source: VISION 2020 UK

The College of Optometrists and VISION 2020 UK Learning Disability Committee have produced a self-assessment tool to support the provision of services for people with learning disabilities within community optometry.

There are a number of reasons for wanting to know how well a clinical service is working. A commissioning organisation or a regulatory body may want evidence of quality to inform a commissioning decision or as part of an inspection. A practice may wish to know whether it is improving, standing still, or deteriorating over a period of time.

There are many possible ways of measuring quality – from opinions of service users and staff, through to hard measures of outcome and uptake. However, good measures of quality can be defined as those that discriminate accurately between a service serving its patients well and one that is failing its patients.

This Quality Standard does not attempt to assess or measure every aspect of each service, but focuses on areas that are key in enabling patients with learning disability to access community eye care. It is recognised that very few services will achieve a perfect score, but this document can be used as an indicator of where quality may be improved as well as a snapshot audit tool. The guidance and accompanying notes may act as a resource by which practices might measure and benchmark their performance.

Many of the suggested adjustments in the notes are of minimal or no cost to the practice. We would also direct you to the Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU) learning disability enhanced pathway which lays out how a typical service might be best structured. Reference to the College of Optometrists Guidance for Professional Practice and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Quality Standard for Learning Disabilities may also be of interest.


2015 Quality Standards LD Optometry FINAL (1)
2015 Quality Standards LD Optometry FINAL (1)
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2015 Quality Standards LD Optometry FINAL (1)
2015 Quality Standards LD Optometry FINAL (1)
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