RCOphth: General Election 2019: How to influence your prospective parliamentary candidate

5 December 2019
Source: Royal College of Ophthalmologists

As part of RCOphth general election campaigning, RCOphth has launched a short guide Royal college of Ophthalmologists Logofor members on influencing your prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs).

The guide calls for our members to build on the impact made by the RCOphth General Election 2019 Manifesto, in which we called for the next government to:

• Address fundamental problems with the workforce
• Adopt a more innovative approach to allocating clinic space
• Support ophthalmologists in leading multidisciplinary workforce teams
• Adopt a joined-up approach to IT and big data

The guide contains the following details for members:

• How to obtain PPCs contact details
• How to craft effective correspondence
• What issues you can raise
• What commitments you can ask for to ensure ophthalmologists are heard

Read the full details on the Royal College of Ophthalmologists website

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