RCOphth: Sustainable Ophthalmic Pathways

19 June 2018
Source: Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Supporting commissioners, providers and professionals with the most recent  Royal College of Ophthalmologists Logo
recommendations to ensure efficient and equitable ophthalmic services.

Access to surgery

Key messages:

• Cataract surgery is highly cost effective in almost all cases of cataract causing symptoms
affecting the patient’s quality of life
• Access to cataract surgery should not be limited by any specific visual acuity or quality of life measure, as there is no one measure that reliably predicts the degree of benefit
• Do not use individual funding requests to limit access for surgery
• Do not refer for cataract surgery to one provider where another provider is caring for other ocular disorders (co-morbidities) unless there is full consultation and information sharing
• Do not refer for cataract surgery unless the patient is symptomatic and explicitly wishes surgery, being aware of the individual risks and benefits
• Ensure access to surgery is equitable for all patients

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