Request for Cooperation to Support Simon Goodall V Reading Borough Council at the Royal Courts of Justice

7 June 2016
Source: Sarah Gayton, Award Winning Film Director Sea of Change

The court case is being held at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand on Tuesday 14th June 2016. It is a verbal hearing to establish if we we can get a judicial review on the case of Simon Goodall v Reading Borough Council.  The case is where Reading Borough Council turned off the traffic lights and left blind and disabled people standing at the lights not being able to cross the road.  It was a high profile on the TV, with the case being shown on the BBC One show,

reported on BBC Berkshire

and widely in the press

The company who are taking the case is Unity Law, with Chris Fry who has being doing legal work to get it to the appeal stage and it can be read about it here

Guide Dogs, RNIB, NFBUK, RLSB will be supporting us along with other organisations on the day.

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