Response from the International Glaucoma Association (IGA) about Faulty visual field machine used for DVLA fitness to drive tests.

17 October 2015

Comments Russell Young, CEO, International Glaucoma Association (IGA):

“The IGA is extremely concerned that a fault with one of the machines used to assess a person’s fitness to drive will have led to some people with glaucoma having their driving licence wrongly revoked. The DVLA requires a visual field test to assess whether a driver with glaucoma is safe to drive.

“Relinquishing a driving licence is an emotional issue that can have a major impact on the driver’s quality of life. For some it can mean loss of employment and for many it means the loss of independence.”

For the full story please go to: IGA DVLA


The International Glaucoma Association is the charity for people with glaucoma, providing a free helpline and patient literature. Call 01233 64 81 70 or email:

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