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5 November 2018
Source: Retina UK

You may be familiar with our ongoing Working Age Group Project, which aiRetina UK logoms to provide future employment services to working age people who are living with degenerative sight loss. This project is being led by Retina UK (Previously RP Fighting Blindness), in partnership with sight loss charities Thomas Pocklington Trust, Visionary and RNIB.

In order to develop these services, and ensure the support we offer our community is relevant and useful, it is important we gather data and opinion on what the majority feel would be most helpful.

This project has been running since 2017 and has been instrumental in furthering understanding of the challenges people with RP face in the workplace; in looking for work and in following careers.

It has given the opportunity for many people to put forward ideas for useful services that could be provided for working age people with RP and those that work with them. So far, in focus groups and online forums, many great suggestions have been made and we would now be very grateful for your help to identify which of these should be prioritised.

Different ideas correspond to different stages of people’s careers and so the questionnaire is divided into the following sections:

1. Diagnosis
2. Continuing in the same post or career
3. Changing direction
4. Finding, applying for and winning jobs
5. In the workplace
6. Forging a career
7. Support for employers

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