RLSB and Wayfindr supporting blind and partially sighted people to travel independently

4 May 2016
Source: RLSB and Wayfindr

In March 2014 the RLSB Youth Forum released England’s first ever manifesto for vision impaired young people. It represented the views of vision impaired young people, to bring the community together and make changes that will improve life for future generations. One of the key issues highlighted in the manifesto is transport. Following this our Youth Forum worked with ustwo, a digital product studio, to investigate solutions to independent travel.

In 2015 RLSB founded Wayfindr, alongside digital product studio ustwo, to set the global standard for audio based navigation. With the backing of TfL and Google.org, the Wayfindr Standard can be used universally across the world to open up indoor spaces through audio navigation. Wayfindr has the potential to revolutionise how blind and vision impaired people travel.

Here is a video which explains a bit more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smAyNAn7ETc

How does Wayfindr work?

Wayfindr is a digital approach to providing individual audio-based navigation. Users are able to independently navigate individual stations using the very latest technology, and the system provides a flexible and dynamic user experience. This allows people to travel freely to relevant platforms and exits without the need for auditory cues and without sighted assistance from station staff.

It relies on a series of strategically placed Bluetooth Low Energy beacons in stations, which interact with a user’s smart phones to provide clear, consistent directions in real time. It gives users greater control and offers an intelligent approach to travel.

Progress so far announcement coming soon


For further information please go to: http://www.rlsb.org.uk/tech-hub/wayfindr

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