RLSB: Wayfindr

3 December 2015
Source: RLSB

What if vision impaired people could navigate independently using their smartphones? RLSB Logo

Wayfindr is the first open standard for audio-based navigation, stemming from a productive collaboration between ustwo (a global digital product studio) and the RLSB Youth Forum.
To tackle the challenge of independent travel for vision impaired people, Wayfindr is setting the standard for audio navigation using your smartphone. We are working so that wherever you are in the world, indoors or outdoors, you can navigate independently.

The latest trial guides participants through Euston Tube station, giving audio directions from a prototype smartphone app that interacts with beacons installed throughout the station.

As well as currently trialling the system with TFL in London Euston station, Google.org have supported Wayfindr with a $1m grant to RLSB.

Excitingly, Wayfindr is now much more than an app; it’s an Open Standard with a mission of empowering vision impaired people to navigate the world independently through consistent turn-by-turn audio instructions on their smartphone.

How will Google’s $1m grant help Wayfindr’s future?

Thanks to Google.org’s support, RLSB are able to launch the first version of the Wayfindr Open Standard for audio navigation in spring 2016.

For the full story please go to:  Wayfindr


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