RNIB services director, David Clarke, talks with OT  about the Orbit Reader 20

3 January 2019
Source: Optometry Today

A new device aims to bring refreshable braille to a broader audience by lowering the priceOptometry Today logo


The Orbit Reader 20 is a similar size and weight to a single hardback novel. This diminutive device has the capacity to store thousands of books, allowing users to browse their own personal library while waiting for a train, flying to a holiday destination or reviewing notes before an important presentation.

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) services director, David Clarke, explained thatRNIB Logo hard-format braille can become unwieldy in terms of its size, cost and weight.

“With the Orbit Reader, you can access books, magazines and journals on a small device that enables you to read as you go,” he shared.

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