Royal College of Ophthalmologists: COVID-19 update and resources for ophthalmologists

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16 March 2020
Source: Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Our latest advice and guidance for ophthalmologists in available be clicking this link: NEW 13 March 2020: Coronavirus RCOphth update – need to know points

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists is monitoring closely the information from the government, the NHS and Public Health England.

All medical and health care professionals should be working with their trust management in developing protocols, in guidance from the appropriate organisations, to ensure that measures are put in place to identify and contain patients with symptoms of COVID-19.

Professor Keith Willett, NHS Strategic Incident Director and Stephen Groves, Incident Director, NHS England and NHS Improvement on the NHS response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) have written a comprehensive explanation of what is required of NHS organisations and the letter includes annexes detailing a new requirement to establish case detection for intensive care admissions, and guidance on the decontamination of an NHS 111 coronavirus pod.

Read the full information on the RCOphth Website

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