SCIE: Tackling loneliness and social isolation: the role of commissioners

2 February 2018
Source: SCIE

With one million people aged 65 and over in the UK reporting they are often or always lonely, few would refute the need to tackle this issue.   SCIE Logo

However, loneliness and social isolation are conditions that are difficult to identify, complex to address and hard to resolve. The evidence base for interventions to address the problems of loneliness and social isolation is emerging but inconclusive at this stage.

In September 2017, SCIE and Renaisi organised a seminar with commissioners, local authorities and third sector representatives to explore the opportunities and barriers faced by commissioners seeking to address social isolation in older people. This was part of a three-year evaluation that SCIE and Renaisi are undertaking of a new national programme to help address isolation in older people through reading-based interventions.

This Highlights briefing draws on the discussions from the seminar, and previous research and evaluations in this field including Preventing loneliness and social isolation (SCIE, 2011) and the evaluation of North and South London Cares (Renaisi, 2016).

Full information available on the SCIE website

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