Scottish 20mph Default Moves Closer

13 June 2016
Source: 20's Plenty

The first Scottish 20mph Conference moved the debate forward on a National 20mph limit.  20mph was clearly popular amongst delegates with 95% “favouring a national default 20mph limit”. Conference-goers agreed 20’s Plenty. The Scottish Government can lead on a 20mph default for built up areas as best value for money in raising everyday road safety and liveability.

The City of Edinburgh hosted the first 20mph conference in Scotland on Wednesday 8th June as part of celebrating its default 20mph limit from 31 July for over 80% of its roads.

Transport Scotland sponsored it with a free delegate place to each Traffic Authority. Over 80 attendees came.

Experts laid out 20mph as a win-win-win for people, health, traffic levels, the economy and environment. Wide area 20mph limits with signs and lines were shown as great value for money in the short and long term.

A packed Council Chamber agreed that 20mph is the right urban limit.  There was near unanimous support favouring a national 20mph default limit for Scotland.

For the full story please go to: Scottish 20mph default

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