Secretary of State still blind and deaf to eye health and hearing

25 October 2018
Source: FODO

Secretary of State Matt Hancock addressed the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) on 18 October 2018.  Although, as usual, his speech was mostly about GPs, everything he said applies equally well to other primary care services and he did at least on this occasion also mention pharmacists dentists. The NAPC has published road maps to Primary Care Home participation for these professions.  This is why the Federation of (Ophthalmic and Dispensing) Opticians (FODO) Group is working hard with The College of Optometrists, Local Optical Committees Support Unit (LOCSU) and NAPC colleagues on a similar road map for eye health and hearing.

Let’s hope that by next year we have broken through the traditional NHS invisibility and inaudibility barriers.  You can access Secretary of State Matt Hancock’s full speech here Primary care is crucial to preventing ill health.

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