SeeAbility Press Release: SeeAbility launches New Eyecare Factsheets for People with Learning Disabilities

9 June 2010

At the start of Eye Health Awareness Week (14th June) and Learning Disability Week (21st June), SeeAbility is launching a new series of easy read factsheets on eye care and vision for people with learning disabilities.

Around 1 in 3 people with a learning disability have a sight problem. Unidentified sight problems seriously undermine people’s quality of life and lead to avoidable sight loss and increased dependency.

The factsheet series aims to make it clear how to look after your eyes for people with learning disabilities and their carers. They were devised in consultation with a focus group of people with learning disabilities.

The first factsheets to be released are ‘Having an Eye Test’ and ‘Wearing Glasses’. Each is packed with full colour illustration and uses clear simple words.

In ‘Having an Eye Test’ people can learn about why they need an eye examination and what happens at the opticians practice. ‘Wearing Glasses’ backs up the eye care message and explains about choosing and using glasses.

Martin Thomas is Manager of the Lookup Information Service. He says, “The factsheets give information to supporters to help them explain to the people they support about eye examinations and why they may need to wear glasses. The imagery used gives people with learning disabilities the chance to prepare or to ask questions too.”

Download copies of these new factsheets for your practice from the ‘Easy Read’ section of

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