Sense Technology Blog: Review: The BrailleNote Touch is the world’s first Braille tablet

24 May 2016
Source: Sense

Really interesting innovation but what is the present uptake on Braille? Are most VI users of tech using voice over etc?

‘Steven Morris, Digital Champions Coordinator, Online Today project

Tablet devices are becoming more and more popular both for personal and professional use. We see them in schools and in the workplace, as well as being used at home, and out and about.

There’s a huge array of choice on the market, and real efforts are being made to make tablets and smartphones more accessible. For example, Voiceover on apple products or Talkback on Android devices.

“Real efforts are being made to make tablets and smartphones accessible”
A lot of these devices also offer Braille support, allowing users to connect them to refreshable Braille displays. Now, for the first time, a company called Humanware have developed the world’s first Braille tablet, called the BrailleNote Touch. And I was lucky enough to attend the UK launch event in London to learn more about it.’

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