Special Needs Jungle: Legal victory for Bristol parents against SEND cuts – what does it mean for other areas?

8 August 2018
Source: Special Need Jungle

Last Friday (03/08/18), the High Court handed down a judgment with far-reaching implications for families of children & young people with SEND. Here’s what the case was about, what it might mean and why you should now consider doing the same if your area is making deep cuts to SEND.

Parents fight back to protect their disabled children’s education

Using legal aid, two families sought a judicial review of Bristol City Council’s decision making around the proposed cuts. Via their legal team, they argued that the LA’s High Needs Block budget should be quashed, because the LA hadn’t consulted properly or legally when drawing up its planned cuts.

The LA defended its decision, arguing that they hadn’t got to a point in their decision-making where they needed to consult fully – and that even if they were to have breached their legal duties around consultation, the end result for the cuts would not have been substantially different anyway.

The judicial review hearing took place at the High Court on the 24th July, and the judgment came out on Friday – you can read it here.

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