Children & Young People with a Vision Impairment

This Committee is open to anyone with an interest in either the provision of services to, or issues relating to, children and young people with a vision impairment. Vision impaired children are often marginalised within mainstream education or within the broad definition of “disabled children”. The Committee aims to identify an agenda or framework for children with a vision impairment to show who is providing what, where gaps may exist and where children and their parents can find the information they need.

The Committee will provide a forum for agencies to meet, establish a framework for vision impaired children and, where practicable, a means for joint commissioning of services.

The Committee should also be able to provide links to all of the key agencies involved in helping and advising children and their families.

It is also planned to build up a library of information of interest and use to children with a vision impairment and their families.

Jenny Cook, Make a Wish UK

Vice Chair:
John Milligan, Norfolk County Council

Member organisations:

Association of British Dispensing Opticians (Debbie McGill)
Adult Social Care and Health Directorate Kent County Council (Lynn Stow)
British and Irish Orthoptic Society (Louise Allen)
Guide Dogs (Clare Messenger / Wendy Rankin [Scotland] / Wendy Sainsbury / Fiona Brown [Northern Ireland] / Jonathan Mudd [Wales])
Havering Strategy Group (Mike Brace)
Henshaws (Fiona Berry)
LOOK UK (Charlotte Carson)
MACS (Liz Bates)
Moorvision (Laura Hughes)
National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) (Lindsey Rousseau)
RNIB (Sarah Holton)
Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) (Sue Sharp / Mandy Douglas)
SeeAbility (Donna O’Brien)
SENSE (Anthony McKay)
The College of Optometrists (Michael Bowen / Olivier Deneve)
The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Paediatric Sub-Committee (Susmito Biswas)
Thomas Pocklington Trust (Emma Cruickshank)
VICTA (Nick Schofield)
VIEW (Jackie Osborne / Rory Cobb)
Visionary (Fiona Sandford)
Vision UK (Mary Bairstow)
Visual Impairment Network for Children and Young People (VINCYP – representing children and young people with VI in Scotland) (Anne Marie Fleming)
Visually Impaired Children Taking Action (VICTA) (Nick Schofield)