Eye Research UK (Virtual Committee as the Vision Uk Research, Cures and Treatments panel is formed)

The Eye Research Committee was formed as there is a deficiency of both quality and quantity of research in the UK aimed at addressing sight loss. Research is needed to help address avoidable and currently unavoidable sight loss by preventing and treating eye diseases and conditions and also by reversing sight loss.

Objectives of the Committee:
• Encourage and facilitate more funding into eye research.
• Ensure that eye research undertaken is on questions prioritised by patients and public.

Joint Chairs:
Richard Wormald, Moorfields Eye Hospital
Michele Acton, Fight for sight

Committee members:
Catey Bunce, Moorfields Eye Hospital
Cathy Yelf, Macular Society
Chris Muldoon, Guide Dogs
Diana Bramson, British Council for the Prevention of Blindness
Fiona Rowe, University of Liverpool
Gary Rubin, UCL
George McNamara, Fight for Sight
Heather Waterman, University of Manchester
Jennifer Burr, School of Medicine, St Andrews
John Sanders, Nystagmus Network
Jugnoo Rahi, Institute of Child Health
Karen Osbourne, IGA
Matt Broom, Vision UK
Michael Bowen, The College of Optometrists*
Nick Caplin, Blind Veterans UK
Phil Luthert, UCL/Moorfields Eye Hospital
Phil Murray, University of Birmingham
Philippa Simkiss, RNIB
Robert Harper, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
Usha Chakravarthy, NIHR and EU framework programmes
Anna Horwood, BIOS
Daniel Lewi, Nystagumus Network
Geraldine Hoad, Macular Society
Mike Daw, National Eye Research Centre
Tina Houlihan, RP Fighting Blindness

*Michael Bowen sits on the Eye Research Committee as a representative of the College of Optometrists but also as a formal link person between the VISION UK Eye Research Committee and the VISION UK Social Research Committee.