Evidence and statistics panel

The purpose of the Evidence and statistics panel is to bring statisticians and researchers together to provide a clear national statistical picture respected by government, relevant to industry and with utility to clinical, community and social professionals and services. Recognising the necessity of clear and universally accepted data for eye health and sight loss. However, this panel will work in a different way to the other panels by positioning Vision UK where the work is happening and being central to it.

Part of this will be achieved by the UK National Eye Health Survey (of which Vision UK is a key member) who will gather robust data to determine the prevalence and causes of vision impairment conditions across the UK and increase public awareness of eye health conditions.

On this basis Vision UK will be involved with Public Health England on a new Atlas of Variation for sight loss which will initially be a small scoping group and then expand out. Our aim in this is to achieve effective planning greater efficiency from resources/services and enhanced patient/customer outcomes by establishing comprehensive, widely endorsed and sustainably credible data sources.