Leadership Panel

The purpose of the Leadership Panel is to be a membership advisory committee bringing together the chairs of the strategic panels and leading executives from member organisations in order to oversee the work of the strategic panels. The Leadership Panel will act outside of the strategic panels but will feed in strategic ideas and project concepts to Vision UK thereby mobilising our unique partnerships and alliances around the four areas.

The Vision UK Leadership Panel will:

  • Provide an executive steer and leadership to the delivery of key strategic priorities as developed within the strategic panels.
  • Foster and advance cross sector partnerships to further enhance the partnerships ambitions.
  • Monitor progress across the partnerships activities and ensure tangible progress in delivery.

The Vision UK Leadership Panel will consist of senior executive representatives (including key CEOs) from the member organisations of Vision UK and appropriate experts from outside organisations. Members of the Leadership Panel are expected to have a formal method of feeding information to and from their organisations for comment and action. Representatives will be expected to represent not only themselves but their organisations.