TFL: Assistance dogs campaign

12 February 2016
Source: Transport for London

TFL have listened to customers’ and stakeholders’ concerns about being refused travel or charged more by drivers, so they have developed a new campaign with input from members of Assistance Dogs UK. The campaign aims to educate private hire drivers and operators on their obligations and tells passengers with assistance dogs what rights they have, including that their dogs are allowed in the passenger compartment with them and they do not have to pay extra.

There are three parts to the campaign (attached below)

  • A poster, which is being sent to all private hire operators across London, to raise awareness of the seven types of assistance dogs they can expect to use their vehicles
  • A guide to accepting assistance dogs, which makes drivers and operators aware of their obligations and dispels any myths they might have
  • A customer leaflet, setting out their rights, advice for booking private hire vehicles and how to contact us if there’s a problem

Please feel free to send the materials around to your members and share via your own channels.

TFL are also prosecuting drivers who refuse assistance dogs. In the last six months, they have successfully prosecuted seven drivers, have seven more prosecutions pending and eight others being investigated. TFL will be stepping this up and have recently made it easier for customers to report any problems with private hire journeys online at: They will also introduce a new taxi and private hire complaint phone line next month, to make it easier for passengers to report issues to them.

A further campaign, to educate taxi and private hire drivers on their responsibilities to wheelchair users, will run later this year.


Know Your Rights A4
Know Your Rights A4
Download pdf 0.2 MB
Private Hire Services And Assistance Booklet
Private Hire Services And Assistance Booklet
Download pdf 1.5 MB
Private Hire Services And Assistance Dogs Poster
Private Hire Services And Assistance Dogs Poster
Download pdf 0.7 MB

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