‘The lives we want to lead’ – the LGA green paper for adult social care

6 December 2018
Source: LGA

The responses the LGA have received have make it clear beyond doubt: doing nothing is noLocal Government Association logo longer an option.

Years of significant underfunding of councils, coupled with rising demand and costs for care and support, have combined to push adult social care services to breaking point.

The Government’s recent decision to delay its long-awaited green paper on the issue until the autumn, prompted local government to take action and publish its own green paper and public consultation.

We received more than 540 submissions – from the general public, service users, councils and dozens of other interested parties.

And the responses we have had make it clear beyond doubt: doing nothing is no longer an option.

Our final report – which forms the basis of our 14 recommendations to government – contains a summary of responses, including an overwhelming recognition of the importance of adult social care and a consensus that the system is unsustainable in its current form.

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