Tomorrow’s Low Vision Devices for Young People

14 September 2015
Source: VISION 2020 UK

How can design identify the unmet needs of young people with low vision and offer non-stigmatising, desirable and functional low vision devices?

Research Associate Simon Kinneir and Project Researcher Elizabeth Roberts in the Age & Ability Research Lab at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design are working with VISION 2020 UK supported by Thomas Pocklington Trust and VICTA.

This creative design-research project looks to better understand the functional needs, perspectives and aspirations around Low Vision Devicess, both digital and low-tech. Collaborating with 12-18 year olds who are vision impaired, with and without additional special educational needs and/or disabilities, the researchers will be forming a core group of participants. The research will be carried out over the next six months involving individuals, groups and co-design workshops. The project will outline issues, themes and recommendations for future interventions.

If you are able to assist with professional insight or through recommending participants or groups then please get in touch at or 0207 590 4242.





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