University of Birmingham: Transition to adulthood Final summary report for project “Longitudinal study of transitions experiences of blind and partially sighted young people (Phase 2)”

19 December 2016

The Longitudinal Transition Study, originally funded by RNIB, commenced in 2010 with the aim of understanding the experiences of young people with a visual impairment leaving compulsory education. We were particularly interested in the enablers and barriers experienced as the young people moved towards the labour market. The original research questions were:

  • How well do education services prepare blind and partially sighted young people for life beyond school and college?
  • What are the young people’s post-education destinations and what are the key factors influencing their ability to gain employment?

A cohort of over 80 young people from England and Wales (aged 14-16 at time of recruitment) has taken part in the study. This study has a longitudinal qualitative design, with the same participants being interviewed at regular intervals along their transition journeys. Findings from Phase One of the research were summarised in Hewett et al (2014).

Full report attached below.


Nuffield Final Report - October 2016 (FINAL)
Nuffield Final Report - October 2016 (FINAL)
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