University of Sheffield and Nystagmus Network: Nystagmus Information Pack

7 November 2018
Source: The University of Sheffield

Information about nystagmus has been developed into a ‘Nystagmus Information Pack’ by a Vision Research in Sheffield Logoteam at the Academic Unit of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics. This Nystagmus Information Pack is aimed at patients with nystagmus, families, teachers, other professionals and people who would like to find out more about nystagmus. The need for better information about the condition came from discussions with people living with nystagmus and Nystagmus Network logotheir families at a Nystagmus Network event, particularly when they described struggling to explain nystagmus and their vision to others.

Nystagmus information pack logoThe Nystagmus Information Pack has been developed with funding from Nystagmus Network and the University of Sheffield. Numerous people affected by nystagmus and professionals with expertise in nystagmus have inputted into the development of the pack, which is now being made freely available for download. The pack will also be shared with Orthoptic Departments, the British and Irish Orthoptic Society and other professional groups.


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