Update on Vision UK

4 August 2017
Source: VISION 2020 UK

VISION 2020 UK is excited to be working with others across the sector to form ‘Vision UK’, a new collaborative organisation to increase the work with partners from across the eye health and sight loss sectors and beyond.

Vision UK will support the delivery of a new collaborative ambition for change across the eye health and sight loss sectors. It will bring together the work of the UK Vision Strategy team, VISION 2020 UK and the England Vision Strategy team, and will work with partners from across the eye health and sight loss sectors to deliver an agreed set of UK-wide ambitions and priority areas.

Vision UK was officially launched in June by newly appointed Chief Executive Keith Valentine at the annual sector wide conference. Keith was previously Deputy Chief Executive for Thomas Pocklington Trust. Keith has been appointed by the Vision Strategy Transition Programme Board, which was established to take forward the learning from the ‘Shaping the Future Report’, published following a six month evaluation and consultation of the 2013 – 2018 UK Vision Strategy.

Current activity
We are currently working in parallel to form Vision UK as a legal entity and to dissolve VISION 2020 UK. The official transition from VISION 2020 UK to Vision UK will happen by 1 October 2017.

A shadow Trustee Board and a Delivery Board are in the process of being formed for Vision UK.

Business planning is well underway for Vision UK. UK wide transformational priorities will be established for the period 2018-2021. Work for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be country led and be supported by Vision UK.

If you would like further detail about Vision UK please contact Matt Broom, CEO VISION 2020 UK M.Broom@VISION2020UK.org.uk

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