VISION 2020 UK calls on members of the public to join their Prevalence Study Project Board

11 April 2016
Source: VISION 2020 UK

VISION 2020 UK has announced it is looking for a few lay members to join the Prevalence Study Project Board for the upcoming United Kingdom Eye Survey.

The United Kingdom Eye Survey is an initiative of VISION 2020 UK, the umbrella organisation for the eye health and sight loss sectors. VISION 2020 UK has brought together a project board to plan the survey and oversee the whole project as it takes place.

The United Kingdom Eye Survey is a large research project to find out about the eye health of people living in the UK.

At the moment there is no comprehensive, up-to-date and reliable source of information about eye health in the UK. However, if we had this information, we could use it as evidence to help:

  • Adjust NHS and other resources where needed
  • Make sure that there is equal access to good eye care
  • Raise awareness of how to prevent sight loss
  • Raise money for medical research
  • Understand the outcomes for people after treatment for sight loss

Please read the attached document for full details of how to apply for this exciting project. VISION 2020 UK encourages blind and partially sighted people to join the project board as lay members.

VISION 2020 UK Prevalence Study Project Board Member Info
VISION 2020 UK Prevalence Study Project Board Member Info
Download docx 79 KB

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