Vision UK response to the Consultation on plans to cease NHS Digital General Ophthalmic Services Workforce and Activity publications.

29 November 2019
Source: Vision UK

NHS Digital collect and publish two data series relating to the General Ophthalmic NHS Digital LogoServices (GOS) arrangements. These services include preventative and corrective eye care for children, people aged 60 and over, people on low incomes and those suffering from or pre-disposed to eye disease. The two ophthalmic data series published by NHS Digital are:

1. The General Ophthalmic Services: Workforce Statistics for England and Wales report, which shows the number of ophthalmic practitioners who were authorised to carry out NHS funded sight tests as at 31 December each year. The annual workforce reports are available here

2. The General Ophthalmic Services: Activity Statistics for England reports, which present summary information about GOS activity for the financial year, April to March. This includes the number of NHS-funded sight tests and vouchers used for repair or replacements. The annual activity reports are available here.

Why We Are Consulting

NHS Digital are carrying out this consultation to ensure that the data it collects and publishes are accurate, relevant and meet the needs of users. It follows on from the notification in the 2018 Ophthalmic Workforce publication, released on 7 March 2019, that we would be reviewing this publication series to ‘assess their use, data quality, availability of data sources and the resources needed to produce publications’.

They intend to cease the General Ophthalmic Services: Workforce and General Ophthalmic Services: Activity Statistics publications.   Vision UK Logo

Vision UK strongly oppose decommissioning these datasets and our response is attached


Vision UK Response Consultation On Plans To Cease NHS GOS Statistics
Vision UK Response Consultation On Plans To Cease NHS GOS Statistics
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