Vision UK to set up four strategic panels of experts

14 March 2018
Source: Vision UK

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Vision UK, the recently established organisation that is working in collaboration with partners across the eye health and visual impairment sector, has completed a review of its committee structure to fit in with the new business plan.

As part of the transition from VISION 2020 UK, Vision UK is forming four Strategic specialist Panels:

• Epidemiology, evidence and statistics
• Prevention, cures and treatments
• Services, support and care
• Public understanding of eye health and sight loss

These panels will comprise senior people from inside and outside the eye health and visual impairment sector (including industry where appropriate). The panels will set national strategic priorities and targets for the four specialist areas.

Vision UK’s chief executive, Keith Valentine, said:

“Our aim is to deliver positive change for blind and partially sighted people and those at risk of losing their eyesight.

Since Vision UK was established in October of last year, I have travelled extensively around the country. I have been left in no doubt that there’s plenty of scope for us to work with and support organisations in the sight loss sector so that they can work together more effectively.

The formation of these specialist panels will strengthen the work we’re doing to make sure we promote and protect the nations eye health, and ensure those people with eye problems and sight loss receive more efficient and timely treatment, care and coordinated service.”

Keith added:

“We are also looking to set up a Leadership Forum. This is where senior colleagues from those organisations we work with will be able to influence Vision UK’s priorities and to shape the work of our four specialist panels. The Chairs of those panels will be key members of the leadership forum.”

Vision UK is in the process of agreeing the governance and terms of reference for the strategic panels and will begin the process of recruiting members at the end of March.



Notes to Editors

The Panels will consider and work on the strategic aspects below:

1) Epidemiology, evidence and statistics
• Setting a national framework for statistics and knowledge which we know and agree.
• Pulling together a narrative to provide a means for us to communicate (with certainty) the statistics for eye health, visual impairment, economics and public health
• Provide a framework where these bits of evidence can be cross match, commission work to provide data
• Horizon scanning (is there an alternative for horizon scanning?), in which collaboration is essential to bring information together.
• To inform all the other ‘panels’ to allow them to have useful and useable evidence.

2) Prevention, cures and treatments
• To ensure prevention and treatments are accessible and available to the population of the UK.
• Prevention in this context means the clinical aspect including clinic overcapacity (Glaucoma and AMD).
• Interest in the research (Global and national) of the identification of procedures, technology, drugs etc, along with interest in the process by which they are approved. Interest in accessibility of new products. Costs of treatments to the NHS.
• Involving and scoping seldom heard groups
• Collaborative responses to NICE on drugs, procedures and technology.

3) Services, support and care
• To make sure that the eye health and sight loss services that the community needs are accessible and available to the population.
• Looking at the voluntary and statutory sector.
• What do the population need, what is available and what will be needed for the future?
• How do community based services work with wider support and signposting?
• Changing models of care and how we can interact and support the changes to benefit the community, eye health and support those with or at risk of losing their sight.
• Where and how do we concentrate our efforts?

4) Public understanding of eye health and sight loss

• To maximise the public understanding of eye health and visual impairment to benefit the population.

For further information contact Keith Valentine CEO Vision UK

For more information about Vision UK please go to

• Vision UK is the independent partnership organisation which will work with other organisations in the eye health and sight loss sector for the benefit of blind and partially sighted people, their communities and the general population including those at risk of sight loss.

• Vision UK is a member of the IAPB (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness) and part of the VISION 2020: The Right to Sight initiative. This is an initiative led in partnership by the World Health Organization, and the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness, for the elimination of avoidable blindness.

Press Release - Vision UK To Set Up Four Specialist Panels Of Experts - March 14 2018
Press Release - Vision UK To Set Up Four Specialist Panels Of Experts - March 14 2018
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