Wales Council of the Blind: Newport withdrawing from SenCom service in Gwent. The sight loss sector challenges this.

30 January 2019
Source: Wales Council of the Blind

Newport County Council plans to withdraw from the SenCom service that supports children with sensory loss in Gwent. The sector has written to challenge this decision.

The key points are:
Newport CC’s failure to consult and failure to properly assess the scale of the new service required leaves local children with sight loss and their families with a worryingly uncertain future
Children with sight loss and their families require specialist support. Providing adequate services in early life builds resilience and lead to less isolation later in life as well as ensuring children and young people with sight loss have the same access to education, and support, in and out of school, to live full and healthy lives
The Sencom service has been considered a best practice model of regional working and has operated for almost 35 years. Withdrawing from this service will also negatively impact neighbouring authorities, potentially leading to a postcode lottery of provision in south east Wales.

Charities are calling for decision to be reversed and for councillors to vote against the decision.

The signed letter is attached below

Letter To Newport 2019
Letter To Newport 2019
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