Welsh Government: Connected communities – Tackling loneliness and social isolation

20 November 2018
Source: Welsh Government

The Welsh Government would like would like your views on what they should do to tackle Welsh Governent, Llwodraeth Cymru logoloneliness and social isolation.

Consultation ends: 15 January 2019

This consultation

• sets out our vision of the Wales we want to see, linked to the Welsh Government’s legislative and strategic frameworks.
• sets out definitions of loneliness and social isolation.
• highlights what the evidence tells us and what we have heard through engagement with stakeholders so far.
• highlights the work that the Welsh Government has done and is continuing to do to tackle loneliness and social isolation and the links to the broader policy context.
• sets out our suggested approach for the future, and why, and where we think we should be focusing our efforts in partnership with others.
• poses a series of questions designed to facilitate discussion amongst organisations and individuals about what more needs to be done to effectively tackle loneliness and social isolation, including access to services.

Full information on the Welsh Government Website


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